YOLO Fitness is a private studio that provides group and personal fitness training for Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati residents.


Cheri Cornelius

yolo_ccIn large part I owe my healthy lifestyle to Annie.  I have struggled with my weight for the past 12 years and was feeling very sluggish and not excited to participate in life.  I first met Annie several years ago when she was leading a boot camp in Northern Kentucky.  I immediately took to her training style: professional, intense, form driven, and fun!  She was serious about her job as a trainer, but was friendly and approachable when I had questions.  When she decided to return to school to get her masters in exercise physiology, I was sad to see her go.  I was so excited when Annie decided to start YOLO Fitness; I started training with her as soon as she opened in July of 2013.

Long story short, I lost what little ground I had covered with her (and another trainer after her) between January 2012 and July 2013.  I was physically and emotionally damaged when I started at YOLO.  I was a good 70 lbs. or so overweight and felt I would never see the results I have seen.  We began training 3 times a week.  A couple of weeks after I started, she encouraged me to begin cardio on off training days; to watch my food intake; and to think/stay positive.  I had already cleaned up my diet a lot, so that part wasn’t too hard.  I joined a group of runners to stay on track with cardio and with Annie’s continued encouragement, I started to change my pattern of thinking.

Although her service as a personal trainer is only one part of my transformation, her personal interest and continued support and encouragement in the other key areas has helped me reach the point I am at today.  I am continuously working towards my fitness goals and making new ones as I go along. To date I have lost 45+ pounds and several inches all over my body.  I am truly enjoying life again and can’t thank Annie enough for her support.


Christine Tyler

Annie Beck is the stealth bomber of personal trainers! She became familiar with my abilities and limits and I didn’t even realize when she had pushed me to the next level physically. She has helped me make tremendous progress in my core strength and overall endurance. After training with Annie for 5 months, I improved my time on the Flying Pig 10K by 9 minutes and 28 seconds over last year.

Annie is a high energy and innovative trainer! I find myself actually enjoying kick boxing and pushing myself on the bench press! She has helped me do exercises that I never would have thought I could do. She has motivated me and inspired me and genuinely cares. She is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. She keeps the work-outs fun and challenging and I would highly recommend Annie to anyone who wants to work with an outstanding personal trainer..

Lori Huber
The 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge ended about 3 weeks ago.
I weighed in down 25 pounds and taking my body fat % from 32% to 26%.
I lost a lot of inches too and went down 3-4 (depending on the brand) pants sizes! I’m currently down 30 pounds!
I did this challenge because nothing in my closet fits now after winning the challenge nothing in my closet fits!
I worked my ass off…literally! and it wasn’t easy. Keeping a food log is key! I learned how to fuel my body and how many calories I really needed and how many calories were in that bowl of cereal! I used machines I’d never used (stair stepper) and realized I still hate yoga but love reading while on the elliptical. I have run many half marathons and 3 marathons but took 2015 off really training for any race. I still run but find joy and balance in other activities especially starting my MWF at 5:30AM Bootcamp. Thank you YOLO and Annie for the kick in the pants I needed!



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